Australian 24 Hour Track Invitational

Qualification Standards & Entry Fees

Runners meeting one of the listed qualifying standards may apply for acceptance into the Australian 24 Hour Track Invitational. The entry fee applies to all runners regardless of qualification distance, and all runners are eligible to earn prize money for their performances.

Runners not meeting A and B Standard qualifying distances may petition acceptance with a C Standard race length and performance – eg winning a 100mile race, running 100km <7h20min for Men and running 100km <8h50min for Women, or another performance acceptable to the Race Director.

Qualifying distances should be recent, preferably in the last two years.

Men’s A Standard 240km+ Men’s B Standard 220km+

Women’s A Standard 220km+ Women’s B Standard 200km+

Exceptions to the qualifying standards are at the sole discretion of the Race Director

2024 Entry Fee – $250

Race Director –